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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Same mentality goes for Medium duty dump trucks, like the F-650 I have.

A hardscape business can be run just as efficiently, if not more efficiently without one.

A good 3/4 ton pick up and a 14,000 GVW dump trailer will be just as productive, if not more than our F-650. You can unhitch the trailer and leave it at the jobsite while the guys load trash and or spoils onto the trailer while you take the truck and run errands, go on estimates, etc. And I could go on and on listing more benefits.

Personally, I would not buy an enclosed trailer for hardscaping. More gas to be consumed. Loading and unloading time consumed each day at each job. Mobilization logistics such as - getting the enclosed trailer to the job all while getting the skiddy bopper to the job at the same time. Here in the United States the hardscape industry has become extremely cut throat. Profit margins are minimal. Here in the United States the name of the game is to run as lean as possible, cut out as much fat as possible. This enables the contractor to offer lower prices, which in turn closes sales, which in turn puts food on your table.

Seriously, I'd get a one ton dually van with a box on the back (Hertz) before I'd get an enclosed trailer. Cause then you could pull a trailer behind it.

This would work well if you only run one crew..
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