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This reminds me of a similiar story.

Most of you have probably heard this, but maybe a few haven't.

A couple of unemployed "good ol' boys" from the hills of rural Kentucky were needing money in the worst kind of way, so, having been "best friends" all of their lives, they decided they were going to go into business together.

Since they had been best friends their entire life, and enjoyed each others company, they couldn't see any way to keep from making money! All they needed was to figure out what type of business they were going to make the "big bucks" in.

After talking several hours (and drinking quite a few beers), they figured they were both "extremely good salesman", so after building themselves up with a few "pats on the back" and exaggerated stories of their "salesmanship abilities", they finally talked themselves into believing they were "professional salesmen"! But what could they make the most money selling? After a couple of days, they hit pay dirt! They had very carefully devised a "no way to lose" plan.....a plan to sell watermelons! They would go buy them by the truckload in FL and drive back to rural Kentucky and sell them at a roadside watermelon stand!

So, with a polished "game plan" in place, they pooled their money, looked around several days, and finally found an old Ford pickup truck for 650.00. It looked horrible, the paint was peeling and chipped over the whole truck, and the tired old engine had a "dead miss" on 1 cylinder. But... all it absolutely had to have (to be able to haul watermelons) was a couple of (slightly less bald) used tires, a couple of headlight bulbs, some brake fluid, and some sideboards on it.

Getting ready for the "big day" and the "big trip" they did all of the necessary work, and then made and installed some really tall sideboards on the old truck, filled it up with gas, put a couple of quarts of oil in it, and then aired the old bald tires up. They were all set, and could hardly wait for morning!

Next morning, as soon as the sun even "hinted" that it was coming up, their feet hit the floor! Both were extremely excited, and totally consumed with all of these thoughts of all of the "easy money" they were about to make! So, without even slowing for a drink or bite of anything, they hit the road.

Upon hitting FL they could not believe their good fortune! They had just crossed the state line, and they were ecstatic to find an old man that would sell them all of the watermelons they wanted for 3.00 each! JACKPOT!....they could hardly wait! They filled that old truck up until it wouldn't hold another watermelon! They were even careful to situate every watermelon so as to get every last one they could get on that old truck.

They then drove back to Kentucky and set their "business" up beside a heavily traveled hwy. They made a big sign out of a sheet of plywood. They painted the whole sheet a bright white, and painted the letters bright red so no one could miss it! It read,


After selling the entire load they counted their money and were very surprised (and disappointed) to find out that they had lost money even before figuring in their overhead (such as gas, oil, buying the used tires, etc).

They then sat down, and after racking their brains for 4 or 5 hours, and once again drinking quite a few beers to help with the thought process, discovered their mistake.

They found that, in their hast, they had made a mistake when devising their original business plan! All they needed to do to do in order to make this adventure wildly successful, was to buy a bigger truck so they could haul a lot more watermelons!

That's right, they agreed...."volume is where the BIG money is"!!!!!

Sorry this was long, but hopefully someone will get a chuckle out of it.
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