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Originally Posted by dropctony View Post
How does the Cheetah ride? How does it cut at high speeds? I have the Tiger cat and pleased, but I would love a little smoother ride and faster mower in time. I mowed two properties owned by the same owner today side by side totaling 10 acres of wide open field....10mph with a 52'' deck seemed like I was crawling. Plus the imperfections or ruts threw me around a bit. Does the 8psi in the front tires do well or feel great?
Keep in mind Ive only had 10mins of seat time. But I threw it over the bumps as best I could & It felt very good. The shock works very well! absorbs the back jarring almost completely, but I didn't use it on any property Im familiar with. However I can say with a lot of confidence you would love the ride of the cheetah over the tiger cat & if you can ride at 10mph constantly then you wouldnt have any serious ruts just a lot of imperfections, the cheetah will soak the small stuff up nicely for you! It also has some nice big rubber ISO mounts under the seat & the seat itself is well padded and formed to the body. Definitely take it for a demo
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