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Originally Posted by dropctony View Post
Thanks for the info gmlc! They use the same system Bmw does so it doesn't complicate things. There are exceptions now, but generally the 528i has a 2.8L inline 6 and the 335i has the 3.0 twin turbo to make it a bit confusing. Silly question, but is the 100 series like the tiger cat, 200 like the cheetah and 400 like the turf tiger? Since that was more of the familiar line for me it was easier to ask. Fleet does that work or do you get that and with a bagger?!?! It would've been great for a lot of properties this spring with the growth and rain I have been seeing. Looks like it would save a lot of time also.
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The 100 series is Gravely's small frame mower like the tiger cat, the 200 series is a large frame mower like the Turf Tiger, and the 400 series is also a large frame mower like the TT but with all the latest and greatest technology like the 61" cheetah. Fleet pricing is 20% off msrp when spending $12000 or more on two pieces of equipment. A bagging system use to qualify.

Gravely also just recently introduced a pro-turn series that is an entry level commercial mower for those on a budget. And to confuse things even more they have a pro master and pro ride which are a more specialized line with available rear discharge and articulating front end.
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