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OK.... 4 years ago I planted a new lawn. The soil, was freshly tilled due to the construction of my new home so, I had the pleasure of leveling and removing all rocks and unwanted conditions. I was left with a gorgeous and freshly planted Tall Fescue/Bluegrass lawn. Naturally this lawn was thick and weedless and GREEN !!

In passing, someone mentioned to me that they learned of a home made fertilizer made of beer soda ammonia and dish detergent. With a never ending desire to go ultra green and out do myself and my lawn I started applying this home made fertilizer. I dont know if it actually worked or if my lawn was already that new and healthy and GREEN.

Over the next 4 years, my lawn has kinda thinned out and is starting to show signs of age. I always over seed each year but, the routine wear and tear and rainy seasons act and neighboring dogs which love to wee wee in my lawn, all caused some problematic areas.

With this being said, I now have some natural and heavy thatch the last two years. Brown dead grass left behind from the previous winter. I did apply a winter fertilization but again, I think every 3 years I need to heavily thatch and heavily replant new seed.

This summer im just not liking what I am seeing compared to the pictured from 4 years ago so... I get the itch to make this fertilizer again and my ADHD kicks in and I just go overboard with the amount of ammonia. well, now all the new seedlings that germinated are dead and my lawn is even more yellow and yes, I still have that ugly dead thatch from the winter.

I do know this, when my lawn was entering its first winter season and was so green and so healthy, it stayed green throughout the snow and ice ect. the second year a little less green and so on. Now, my lawn doesnt make it through the winter and turns 50% brown. Is this a case of grass needing MORE winter fertilization starting in late october OR is it just that this species combination, just doesn't live as healthy after 2 or 3 years.

Ok this is where I am at now. The fertilizer I made and applied was about three weeks ago, yesterday I dropped and spread some rye seed 80% and more fescue 20%. My weather out here in eastern PA is unseasonably cool. With that being said I took advantage of the cooler weather 60-80 and dropped the seed and im running my sprinkler system ever few hours just enough to keep the seed moist and NOT to dry out.

I am thinking in about two weeks this rye seed will pop up and save the look of my lawn BUT I also want to hit the current grass with something to get, IT, going as well.

For this current desire and condition can I add fertilizer to my lawn and NOT kill the new seed. IF so what kind and how much.

For the future whats the best way to green up and fertilize my lawn. Can you drop fertilizer on seedlings or do I need to use starter fertilizer and actually wait for about 4 mowings before the lawn can receive a normal fertilizer, and again, what type of fertilizer do you recommend and how much. The bags always seem to suggest the weakest and skimpiest amount. Then agin I totally killed my stuff lol.
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