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Originally Posted by Candew View Post
Down to two mowers. Price difference is less than $100. Demo on my 4 acres showed both to be close in ride. I have a suspension seat from my old tractor, that I can add to either one.

I mow whatever is green, not a "lawn". Scag has 3 year warranty, Ferris 4 year. The Scag weighs 1350, Ferris 1200. Scag seems closer to a Ferris 3200Z than a 2000Z. Engines are Kawi FX801V, 25.5 hp on Ferris and FX850V, 26.5 hp on Scag. The Scag deck looks a little stronger than the ICD. Both are good dealers and within 30 minutes of my house. The Ferris dealer is closer.

Which one would you guys recommend for my homeowner use?

I have never used either mower, but with the description you have given, I would purchase the .02!
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