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Help with new mower decision

Ok, I no longer do commercial work but still cut my mom's back yard and my old house. I am currently using an older JX 75. I havent' found anything I like as much as those (have a few). They are starting to have isues now though and would like a larger cut mower (still want a nice cut). Pretty set on a blade clutch and bagging. I honestly don't mulch much currently. I bought a timemaster last year and hated it. Took it back in 2 weeks. I am leaning towards the Ybravo 25. It's on sale for 1299 with a local dealer. I was looking at the Toro/exmark 30" but think the ybravo may be the better cut and mower over time. Looking for input. I understand ybravo is working on a rear discharge option for the mower. I'm guessing it will be similar to the JX75 discharge chute. Anyways, Thanks for the input.
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