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I think the ybravo will be more powerful because it's 25" versus the 30 like you said. I just had some issues with it. it felt cheap to me (again, been using the JX75 for 20+ years and am used to a certain solidness that most mowers don't seem to have). It stalled a few times and was really hard to start. It surged a few times. On flat concrete, one wheel wouldn't touch the ground. That's not something you notice cutting but just led to my feeling like it wasn't well built. I also wasn't happy with the cut. When I heard about the commercial version I was sold. I went and looked at one today. holy hell that thing is big and bulky looking/feeling. Ybravo still feels like the winner. I don't want a WB for this mower (I want something that I won't need to use a finish mower to clean up the curbs and such.
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