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Scag Cheetah or Ferris IS2000Z

OK, I demoed the Scag and then the Ferris on my own property. As far as ride, the Ferris was a little smoother over the bumps, but not much. The Cheetah's shock mounted platform works surprisingly well. I liked the high back seat on the Scag better than the Ferris seat. It just seemed to cradle me better and keep my head from bobbing. The cut didn't seem to be a deciding factor.

The deck on the Scag definitely looks more robust and the whole unit feels more solid. I also noted that the Scag felt bigger, perhaps closer to the Ferris 3100 than the 2000. The Scag had an FX921V Kawi and the Ferris had an FX801V Kawi. In the tall area of grass, left since my Kubota broke, the Scag did a better job. I like the way the Scag roll bar folds low for my getting under a few branches on the decorative trees I have. My main liking for the Scag has to do with the way the control bars feel. I really like the dampers and found I didn't need to do hardly any movement to keep a straight line over rough ground.

In the end, I decided to pay a little extra for a Scag 61" Cheetah with the Kawi FX921V. I know it is overkill for my 3 1/2 acres, but so was my Kubota B7100 and it lasted 32 years. Even though the Scag is not a diesel, forty hours a year is not a lot of use, so this mower may outlast its senior owner.
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