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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
I agree, your misinformation is astonishing.

I do get more than 2 years out of tires. My original tires were 205-15 trailer tires. They went for 5 years. My current tires are 225-15 radial trailer tires. They currently have 5 years on them.

It's not that a trailer is rigid that causes problems with tires on tandem axle trailers. And the problem isn't that the tread wears off. Tires on tandem axle trailer are subject to twisting forces that far exceed anything an auto or truck tire would ever see. Tandem axle dump trucks have the same twisting forces on their rear tires. When you make a turn one tire is going to be dragged around the corner and the other tire will be twisted. It's just the nature of having 2 tires trying to do the job of 1.

Trailer tires are specially constructed to withstand these twisting forces better than auto and truck tires.
Hence why I have to be careful making sharp corners with trailer with suv tires. 6400 lbs on my tires rated for about 6800. Sometimes it looks like I'm going to pop a bead.
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