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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Don't miisunderstand me mate. I like speed as much as, or more so, than most guys, but as I said, super fast speeds are of very little use the majority of the time for those of use who mow for money. All the big ZTR's are more than fast enough for an LCO to make good time at a property.
after mowing for 25{plus} years....I like the faster speeds that are available.
This is speaking for Southern lawns. I started out in TX where the temps get up to 120 on a lwan in direct sunlight- through the dog days of the summer at that. That was mowing at about 3.5" on treated and irrigated lawns.
Always quality cuts there, chit looks like carpet when mowing at 3" on bermu.
even full stick with lazer Z's

Nowadays I mow northern lawns in MN. at 4"...thin grass is kind of different.
It doesn't always stand up, so yeah, the faster speed seems less viable
through the hottest part of summer on KBG. Cutting lower tends to fry KBG in the heat, if not being watered adequatly.
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