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Need Some Advice On Pricing Shrub Transplanting

I have a customer who wants 11 Boxwood Shrubs Moved From Different Locations (Front, Side, Back Beds). He Wants Them Replanted On The East Side Of His Home Which Has A Slope. Shrubs Are All Appx. 3'x3'x3' Average Size .

I have never Transplanted this many shrubs in this type of situation.

I was leaning on $50 A Shrub. ($550) 2 man Labor. 10 Hrs. ($12 / Hr. labor).

Am I In The Ballpark here?

He Also Wants them done now. I told him there's only a 60% chance they will survive at this time but he wants it done anyway.

Should I have him sign something stating that transplanting at this time of year cannot guarantee survival of the plant and I am not reliable for replacing them?

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