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Serious question regarding a $10,000 Toro aerator.... (devil's advocate)

1) 40% aeration customers have "gates".
2) Most gates are less than 48" wide
3) "Front & sides" average less than 1/3 of total lawn square footage.
4) Also need a walk-behind aerator for trimming
5) $10,000 for a piece of equipment that only has a 2 1/2 foot width
6) $10,000 for a piece of equipment that is used only 3 weeks per year
7) What would the $10,000 resale value be if you want to sell it?
8) Will this $10,000 piece of equipment be outdated after only a couple of years?

These are questions many of my local LCS's and I have. Please keep in mind that I will purchase a Toro stand-on aerator by mid August. So don't scold me....
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