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Your price sounds about right, how long have they been in the ground? You have a better soil than we do, but most builder installed shrubs around here were never planted well. Even after 3-4 years the root ball is still the shape of the nursery bucket and sometimes you can just yank them out full root ball and all. I transplant those all the time with very little loss. If they were planted in a good size hole with good soil and the roots have matured, this could be a difficult dig. I berm up a ring around the plant, ask the owner to water every day for a couple of weeks. As an alternate I keep a supply of 5gallon buckets with a 1/16" hole at the bottom and fill and place daily at each shrub for as long as I can keep it up to drip water them and have had good success in hot season transplanting. Add the 10min stop into your price and fill the buckets with a hose if the customer doesn't want to do it. People grow attached to plants and at times will pay more to keep them alive than they will to just replace with new. Take a good axe with you for the thick roots. I like digging so this type of job comes to me quite often, most guys hate it.

Oh, make sure your orient them the same direction to the sun to keep the burn at bay.
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