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What type of work shirt seems the best?

I currently do some lawncare, landscaping, and maintenance for a individual 25-30 hours a week, mostly 8-1 and 8-5 on Saturdays. The last couple of years I have experimented with my shirts. Initially just plain tees, then venturing over to sleeveless whereas shoulder got burnt and it didn't seem cooler, then back to cotton tees, and then shirtless on the muggy days with no breeze. I got a nice burn this year and just now am recovering. I have been looking online for ideas. I am thinking that a thin type of cotton button up shirt would be the best option, especially over polyester polos or sleeveless shirts. I do worry about sunscreen chemicals so I was thinking that long sleeve button ups would be a good idea. I am not having a lot of luck online. Any suggestions, and I know the norm would be a company tee or company polo, but I am looking for something different than that since I have the option. Thanks.
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