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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Guess I am really good at cleaning things out. My normal bare ground mixes involve imazapyr or metsulfuron, with 2,4-D ester or Garlon 4 to knockdown trees and vines. I use double the max rate of tank neutralizer circulated through. Screens are cleaned off and the inside of the tank is blasted with the neutralizer solution at high pressure. Lawns, trees, and nursery stock are treated with the rig no problems.
It's probably just me more than anything. The thought of having to call my Insurance agent for a mishap makes me sick to my stomach... I have used my tree shrub unit for "Total kills"using Glyphos/Triclopyr in rough terrain because I had much more reach with the pressure. A good cleaning and everything is fine. However, something about the phrase "bare ground" and the products used to provide months of control gives me Hellish/Nightmare pictures in my mind...
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