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Originally Posted by herler View Post
I certainly enjoyed the last article a lot more than the first one.
Originally Posted by Penncare View Post
The first one is true, sad, and yes less funny. They are a great couple of young guys, just not business oriented but I plan on helping them learn if I can. Sorry for the long first post.
Well, thanks for the kind comments, but I really wasn't trying to compete. It's just that the first (true) story reminded me of the joke that I posted.

And in all fairness, (as the OP mentioned), the 1st post was an actual event, while the 2nd was a joke, so it really isn't fair to compare the 2 solely on the basis of "which was the funniest". The OP could have "doctored" his story up if he was posting solely for the purpose of getting a laugh.

But, having said that, thanks again for the kind comments! I was hoping someone would get a chuckle out of this little joke (that I heard probably over 40 years ago)!

For me, a little humor here and there sure does make the day go better!
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