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Originally Posted by BleedingGreen View Post
Oh and to answer your question, in theory yes you could bypass the fuel solenoid. Either remove the plunger from the fuel solenoid or if you had a safe way to block the opening where the fuel solenoid would be if you removed it (not recommended) . All the fuel solenoid does is prevent fuel from flowing while shutting the engine down to prevent backfiring while the engine is still turning but the ignition is off since the created vacuum is pulling fuel.
BleedingGreen - sort of a question/comment - I was wondering if the solenoid would also keep all the fuel from draining into the crankcase if the needle seat failed in a float bowl carb? I recently had all the fuel drain from the gas tank into the crankcase on a motorcycle because the needle valve controlling flow into the float bowl got stuck open. Seems like the solenoid would have prevented this - No?
Either way, it isn't something you need unless you have a float bowl carb and your needle valve fails.
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