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Originally Posted by dboyd351 View Post
BleedingGreen - sort of a question/comment - I was wondering if the solenoid would also keep all the fuel from draining into the crankcase if the needle seat failed in a float bowl carb? I recently had all the fuel drain from the gas tank into the crankcase on a motorcycle because the needle valve controlling flow into the float bowl got stuck open. Seems like the solenoid would have prevented this - No?
Either way, it isn't something you need unless you have a float bowl carb and your needle valve fails.
The "fuel solenoid " as it is used on most all small engines, only controls/stops the gas from entering the main jet/nozzle. It usually is called an "anti- afterfire" solenoid in most IPLs.
It has nothing to do with fuel flowing thru the inlet needle and seat. In most cases, if the float/needle gets stuck in the open position the carb will still overflow and fill the crankcase with gas!

And yes, all ya gotta do is snip the end/tip off the solenoid.
It helps to stop the backfire if you let the motor idle down a bit to cool off before shutting off.
It ain't rocket science! far.

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