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This should be my last post on this. Fire is now 85% contained, 509 homes lost so far with more coming, 2 lives lost, 1200+ firefighters combined were here fighting it. I was evacuated last Thursday morning, and was able to return late Friday. No damage and far enough away (2 miles or so) that there was not any smoke damage. My buddy was renting the home that he lived in, and has another home he owns that he will move back to. But photos and memories are gone. Pipe puller may be a goner, not sure yet. I have heard speculation as to the cause, but I won't disclose it. All I will say is it may be accidental by a piece of machinery.

This fire danger will now be the new normal as our weather patterns have changed the last 10-12 years. I have 8 trees close to my house that need to be removed, but I still live in a forest, and the house can still go up in flames no matter how much mitigation we do. But, if my house has a defensible space, and the neighbor's do not, the firefighters will spend more effort to save mine, or so I have been told.
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