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i dont think there is anything wrong with the cub. sure its not a 32 HP but again, i have a small lawn that takes 15 minutes to cut and I enjoy cutting twice a week. This thing doesnt have multiple adjustments like others but again, it works well. I cut dry to moist and approx 1- 1 1/4 inches max per cut. This thing is fine. Just need to learn which function to perform, mulch side discharge bag ect and with which blade.

I honestly have no reason or desire to purchase a used commercial 4K walk behind when 33 inches and 10 HP is about as big and powerful as I need. My lawn is what remains from a 120'x60' lot, minus the house driveway and swimming pool.

And just to repeat myself, my soil is 100% flat ! hand graded so I am going to make my blades razor sharp. No hills or THINGS in the soil to hit and curl the blades, just metal vs grass.
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