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I know nothing of this specific company, but those involved in flips, renos and development always get the same treatment by us. Pay at time of service at the price we quote, not theirs or see you later. Price breaks are based on your history and volume with us, not maybes. That's because so many setup shill entities that they just suck money out of then fold and walk away.

That being said, this thread has another interesting quality. Most of the comments seem to come from posters that setup an account just to comment on this thread, in both directions, then fade away. That's unnatural posting on a forum with so much discussion on what they do when they've taken the time to register and create a profile.

It reminds me of a webcast I saw where an internet marketer was creating conversation with himself through multiple accounts so that he could plant an idea (and in his particular case, some links) and keep it at the top of the forum with a faux argument and conversation.

This thread smells like that. Moderators, check IP addresses on the accounts that only participated here, you might need to remove this.
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