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I guess my 95 Chevy 2500 2 tone wouldn't make it in today's world even though there isn't a lick of rust on it.

I would agree FLASH does sell, and it sells all day long. It;s just human nature so gravitate towards the new and shinny object.

If a guy is operating out of an open trailer it wouldn't be to hard to strip the racks and other things in order to repaint it every other year. Same goes with mowers put a bag over the motor, seat, and hydro's and get to it.

I've been in the concessions business for 9 years and i see it all the time. people will pay more for the same item just for the wow factor. believe it or not, when you roll up to a job your an extension of the customer while your parked doing that particular job. and as odd as it sounds they take as much pride in your equipment as you do, they just might not know it. so I would give appearance at least an 8. shirts are cheap if nothing else buy a bunch of blanks from jiffyshirt so everyone on the crew at least has a matching t-shirt.
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