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Well damn... I'm not sure if I like the Ybravo either. Yesterday a small part fell off of it. Wasn't that big of a deal so I just found a nut and reattached it. It was the drive lever stop bracket that stops the drive lever from dropping too far from reaching it from handlebar. Today, it wouldn't disengage while I was mowing. I'd let go of the handle and it kept going. Almost pulled me off a little hill one time. That wore me out pretty good. The other issue is that I have the handles up all the way but they feel low to me (I'm 6'4) it's ok going straight but once I push it down to turn, I have to stoop down a bit. I don't know what to do. I guess just be happy with the John Deeres? lol. I am going to call the dealer tomorrow and see what he says. I will say I talked to someone at Ybravo today who was SUPER helpful. We talked about mowers for about 45 minutes. He REALLY believes in this product line and was really enthusiastic to hear user's input and offer advice.
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