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Enclosed Trailer Vs. F250 with Landscape Bed

Hey Guys,

Let me first say that I have only had my lawn care biz for 2 years and man have I learned a lot! But one thing that I have struggled with is the right truck and trailer combo. In 2 years I have had an 8' open trailer, 12' open trailer, 16' open trailer , 16' cage trailer, Isuzu NPR and currently I run an 18' enclosed unit that I bought new in March pulled by a diesel F250. I really like keeping everything safe and dry but its awful hard on me at the diesel pump. I am considering selling my basically new enclosed trailer and getting a landscape bed put on my F250. It would be almost an even money swap if I sold the enclosed trailer and bought a WILCO bed new ($3500). Only bad thing is that the bed is only 8' long with a 30" dove tail. They said thats the biggest they can go on a SRW F250. It would only fit one ZTR and a push mower but honestly that's all I need anyway (2 man crew). I have been driving around town with 3 ZTR's in my enclosed but I hardly ever use even 2 at once. I think I could save $300 monthly in diesel alone. Think I should do it or am I being silly and stick with what I got? Alone another option is buy a used truck with landscape bed already on it but all the ones I see either get 8 MPG or are $20K. thanks for the opinions guys.
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