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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
Is it possible, or more to the point, practical, to follow some of the California construction practices, and substitute for any wooden exterior surfaces, with a non-flammable alternative?
Not that this may be practical or even possible where Dana lives..... I live up in the foothills in So Cal and we are considered to be in a high danger fire zone. My In-Laws live right next door and they have more exposure to a heavily wooded area so every year their insurance company has a company that they contract with who comes out and sprays the top half of their hillside with Phos-Check. From what I understand it can last for an entire season. We usually brush cut the grassy weeds and remove the larger branches and fuel first and then it gets sprayed. The same company that sprays the Phos-Check also has a private monitoring service and if fire comes within X amount of miles they send out a private crew to hose everything down again and stay on site until any danger has passed. I had never heard of such a thing but I though that it was pretty cool. I'm guessing that it costs less for the insurance company to do this than to replace a multi-million dollar home and it's contents.
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