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Originally Posted by Green Clean View Post
Well I screwed up. I waaaaay underbid this job and thankfully will be getting out of it. It was a strange situation, but after reading what was said here (other than calling me an uninsured lowballer that is) I have decided to let it go. I needed the account to buy the equipment for the account, mistake number 1. Then I did the further math and at the end of it all my helper made $500 more than me less the new mower, and for 160 hours I would have made $900 above my new mower. However the owner wanted to see how it worked with my current equipment (yeah right, although I did give it a shot and did 6 acres or 34 lots in 4 hours) as well as I had to lessen my customer service to my existing customers ( I wasn't happy about this). So I'm back at start LOL
Live and learn the hard way. Everyone does it you were just unlucky to do it on a big job. With the equipment you said you had you made good time on the 34 lots. Is that 34 empty lots or did they have trailers on them? Sorry for saying you were unlicensed and insured. If you are able to run a business you are worth at least triple what you are paying yourself. Give yourself some credit$$$.
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