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Originally Posted by baitdragger View Post
It could have been too sensitive. I wasn't hitting ditches at full speed trying to roll the thing. Just 4-5 mph through a gravel lot to the grass and if I hit a bump my arm would raise a little and the engine would spool down and 1/2 second later my arm drop and the engine pick up RPMs

I figured if it did that so many times on test ride. It would surely annoy me on a bumpy lawn

I went to demo the pro stance 100% because of this thread and review. I had demoed the stander X and GS already. Neither had such a finicky cut off

My main yard has a big gate and lots of sticks. I didn't know the ebrake kept the engine running till these replies so I was worried I would start the engine 7 times each yard
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I would say its something you get use to and you wont lift your hand off the safety over bumps(and it may be out of adjustment). Most of my lawns here in NH are bumpy and I had no problems. Your not going to find a better built stander with all the features and cut quality. Foot operated and hand operated deck lift, dial adjust deck height, rubber isolated foot platform, etc. etc. Thanks for your honest input, got any pics?
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