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Originally Posted by Rowdyrabbit View Post
If this would be better in the equipment section, then feel free to move it.

I'm looking for a new mower. I will be mowing my personal lawn and occasionally my churchyard. Mine is around 1.5 acres, the church is about 2. I build houses for my main living and some landscaping. I do all of the landscaping on the houses I build and am a few others throughout the year. I don't advertise the landscaping and have never offered lawn care, but would like to have fairly capable equipment if I wanted to start.

Of these two, which is the better mower. The Ferris appears to have better components, but the Gravely is the more popular brand. Price is very close, just under $5000 for the Gravely, just over $5000 for the Ferris. Which has a better cut? Which will hold up better longer? Which is all around better?

Thanks for the help.
I can't help you with which one to pick between those two. But you should try to find out more about each dealer in your area. How far is each one from your residence and how good is the dealer? A bad dealer can almost 'kill' your purchase... Also, how much the company will stand behind their products in time of troubles is another big part of the purchase equation. How far will they be willing to go to help you?

Just my 2 cents.
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