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I just took a look at the Ferris and it looks like an interesting mower. But I noticed that the ROPS doesn't fold. I hope you don't have branches or other situations where the mower wouldn't be able to get there because of access (ROPS interfering).

One more thing, I had a 2013 Kaw FX600V (which is superior to the FS that comes with the Ferris) and when I upgraded to a 2013 FX691V, I was truly impressed by how much 'better' the engine is. Just to give you an idea; the FX691V is only 20% more powerful in terms of cc, but the air filter is more than double the size of the FX600V.

If you can, get a mower with a Kawasaki, an FX and a 691 over a 600.

Just my 2 cents.
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