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Originally Posted by Rowdyrabbit View Post
Thanks to both of you. I've looked at both mowers, but I haven't looked as good at the Ferris in person. I'm going to try to get back by there today. I know I could see the deck fine on the Gravely, but it also has a wider deck. I didn't get on the Ferris when I was looking. Both dealers seem fine. Gravely is a little closer, but only by 15 minutes or so. Not enough to make a difference. I've always heard Gravely has good customer service, but I'm not as familiar with Ferris. To be honest, I had never heard of Ferris until I started looking. Even then I only looked because it has a suspension, but now it seems to be the better mower. My main concern with it is that if they are as good as I keep reading, why do I not see more around?
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It might be misguided to select your equipment based on what is most popular. The reasons why something is popular or not can vary greatly. Price could be a factor. Maybe those in the areas where you looked have less income, or hold different beliefs in regards to maintaining lawns. Also, paying more doesn't always give you more.

When I was looking at all the ztr available, one thing that stuck in the back of my mind in regards to Ferris was the following; it definitely has a fantastic suspension which will isolate me from the roughness of the ground. But wouldn't that make me go faster, since I do not feel anything, or very little and therefore be more damaging to the mower? A rough terrain at highher speed will be harder on a mower. So having some feel for the roughness of the soil might keep me at a more reasonable speed given the ground condition. There is a price to pay for everything.
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