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Originally Posted by IM_Kona_Brian View Post
Have cut 3 times in last 8 has rained a bunch so I have to wait until it's dry before cutting. I just do not like seeing any brown. It is nice and tight but still have some scalping.

The one bright yellow spot is from my 228 lb Mastiff. He knows better and normally goes over on the side but I did not get to this spot with the hose in time..that usually helps. He urine will flat kill grass......he dumps about 10 gallons every time he goes. Plus he poops like an african hippo.

All I want for Christmas is a nice tight, plush green bermuda lawn.

How long do you gents think it will take before I start seeing less and less scalping / brown spots when cutting? The scalping drives me crazy!

Within a couple weeks you should start seeing less and less scalping provided you are mowing it often. Last season, before I had my reel mower, I was mowing 3x a week with a rotary @ 1.5" and mine looked pretty good with minimal scalping. The key is cutting frequency.
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