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Looking for some tips on weed removal (Picture)

Hi everyone,

I have been browsing this site for years but have just started my own landscaping company so hello!

I have been given a weed removal job in an area around where I live and am looking for a few tips / advice on how to go about this one. There are many weeds some even 1/2 - 1" thick because they have not been touched in years I am guessing.

The customer wants the area down to bare ground so I have bought some Ortho groundclear and also 41% Gly from Home Depot to spray down afterwards. I am planning on giving it two applications after I remove & weed whack as best I can what is there now.

I am planning on pulling the root system of the larger weeds and weed whacking smaller weeds and overgrown grass, raking it out getting it down to ground as best I can and then spraying it twice. I was also thinking maybe using a pick axe to loosen the ground a bit sort of like a tiller.

Here is a picture of the area. Thank you for all your help and I wish everyone a good, happy, healthy season!

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