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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
I've been demoing a 60" VX4 next to my 1200 hr 66" XR7 and it is cutting as clean or cleaner and clipping dispersal in my grasses are better with the VX4 than with my XR7 with the added baffles. It's still not vaporizing them and the clipping dispersal will no doubt become less impressive once the paint is gone from under the deck and things get some wear but as it stands it is doing a slightly better job. I wonder if a turbo baffle at the discharge chute like many other brands have wouldn't be a benefit in terms of discharge spread, clipping size, and distance thrown?
That's what Mickhippy and his importer are working on right now. They've tried at least two versions with no real luck so far. Check out his channel to see the vids-
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