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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Mostly the key points are that it had a top speed of near 13 mph...
A cut height of up to 6 (yes, SIX) inches.

And I'm still not sure I could do without the front swivel suspension but as of right now I can't even find a Z that meets either of the first two specifications.

Sure going to miss this mower one day in the not too far future.
As GMLC mentioned, basically the same mower is still being built in the same Facility as the EverRide's were, called the Gravely Pro Ride. Hopefully they'll continue to build it for many more years.

I don;t know about northern grasses but the Pro Ride cuts the Tough stemmed bahia in my area. along with other grasses and weeds very well.

The rear set blades(from being a tunnel deckdesign) help in cutting that kind of stemmy grass clean in one pass.

Does your mower have alot of hours and how does the cut compare to any other brand that you've used.

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