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Well I was able to press the bearing out of the part of the clutch with the magnet on it, that was the one that was seized, however the other side with the pulley is also on its way out. I got a price from the local bearing place of $72 for both bearings, they also recommended use Loctite retaining compound when inserting the bearings. That was $16, plus tax and shipping for the bearings I was at $96 dollars. I decided that since the clutch had 1000 hours on it anyway that it would be a better idea to just replace the whole thing. I called Warner and they directed me to who was their distributor. I was able to buy the OEM Warner clutch from them for $242.66 + $10 shipping and I should have it tomorrow. The cheapest replacements I found were on eBay, $199 + free shipping for an "Extreme" brand clutch, or Pete's Small Engine for $219.95 + $7.95 shipping for a Stens brand clutch. I figured for the extra $25 over the Stens it was worth it to go OEM. Anyway, that is my story, hopefully it helps others in the future. I will post some pictures of my seized bearing when I return from my trip next week.
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