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Ridin is correct, been working on a TB with the importer (Im waiting on a new one right now) but Im up to my 5th baffle + variants. If this next one doesnt work Im at a loss for how to fix the damned thing.

I cut that vacant block (in the vid) again yesterday, that grass really is super thick and is a great test for the deck. I used 2 HL blades, trim side and centre and a G6 blade on the discharge and while I still got a few clumps it "seemed" to get less. The grass had a lot of moisture in it as well, moist enough if I drove over a pile it would all squish together. I got more spits than clumping on the double cut but that initial cut I got a pretty good even spread. Still got the small balling up I get on wet grass to but still not bad all things considered.

As far as the spits go, I had a good look at it yesterday as well. They come out the middle of the chute, Id guess they build up on a spindle, drop and get hit by a blade but not enough to send it across the front.

MT, if you have a few of those blades laying around, give it a try! I might even try 2 standard blades and a G6 on discharge. I rather not use HL if at all possible.

If I could just get this deck cutting properly I'd be a happy man. It really is a great machine, just this clumping is so frustrating!
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