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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I've only had experience with two Kohler efi engines, and they have both cranked and run to perfection. Maybe if someone reads this that understands open and closed loop a little better than me, they can explain how an engine with efi technology can start in open loop so much better than a carburetor type engine.

I guess it's possible they don't all start equally, and I have been fortunate to get two that has been exceptional. I would say the big blocks may start differently, and that is why I would like TLS to answer this question, he's had experience with both.
Even though the system is running in open loop on start up, its running on a pre-programmed map for a cold engine, ie replaces the choke. Also as GMLC suggests, the EFI system is much better than a carb/choke system working on venturi, the fuel pressure is primed and ready before the starter motor turns, unlike a carb engine which would need to draw the fuel/air mix in.

I really wish we had more EFI options available over here atm.
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