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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
Ridin is correct, been working on a TB with the importer (Im waiting on a new one right now) but Im up to my 5th baffle + variants. If this next one doesnt work Im at a loss for how to fix the damned thing.

I cut that vacant block (in the vid) again yesterday, that grass really is super thick and is a great test for the deck. I used 2 HL blades, trim side and centre and a G6 blade on the discharge and while I still got a few clumps it "seemed" to get less. The grass had a lot of moisture in it as well, moist enough if I drove over a pile it would all squish together. I got more spits than clumping on the double cut but that initial cut I got a pretty good even spread. Still got the small balling up I get on wet grass to but still not bad all things considered.

As far as the spits go, I had a good look at it yesterday as well. They come out the middle of the chute, Id guess they build up on a spindle, drop and get hit by a blade but not enough to send it across the front.

MT, if you have a few of those blades laying around, give it a try! I might even try 2 standard blades and a G6 on discharge. I rather not use HL if at all possible.

If I could just get this deck cutting properly I'd be a happy man. It really is a great machine, just this clumping is so frustrating!
Has it been pretty cool up there Mick? would it be about 3 weeks since u last cut that prop, Im just wondering if the re-growth is thinner & confusing the results. As you know that's what Im battling with, I cant be sure whether the thinner grass is reducing the clumps, rather than TBs I've been trying.

As you quoted a while ago, above. (Grass has slowed right down now so not much to test on. Totally different to summer so what may work now may not at other times of the year. )

Just a thought with the "spits" Iv been wondering if these are a result of build up on the "rear/top, inside" of chute, so really a big clump is formed and drops on top of the blade, then recirculating on discharge blade & coming out as a pile of chity poo.
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