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I just love being in business. I love waiting on money, dealing with the public, not meeting deadlines, payroll, dealing with employees, firing employees, weather, breakdowns, insurance, weighmaster, competition, did I say firing fighting employees, cut throat contractors, RUST, non-payment, collection services, small claims, NEVER BEING HOME, large payroll , making sure there's enough money on the bank, gas prices, expensive parts, tickets, firing employees, hiring employees, mulch bills, $120 belts for mower, ex employees sololicting customers, credit cards, managers pissing of employees, slip and falls, no sleep, bidding, designing landscape jobs, trying to see my kids before bed time.

This is a normal day for me.

Oh wait. My guys hit a sprinkler head with a mower and the customer wants it fixed at 9 pm at night because the world is ending.
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