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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
My ears have been ringing all afternoon!!! Now I know why!

I've only had the 28EFI on my SuperZ and now the 34 EFI RED on the new Lazer. Both are night and day different in power, yet very similar in a lot of ways.

I had my idle set at 1200 on the SuperZ, so initial startup at low idle wasn't like it should have been. It was great at 1800 or so though. By the time I got it off the trailer, I could engage the blades at idle.

The only thing I notice with the new engine is that it'll take about one more cranking revolution before it fires. Nothing wrong...just probably a crank trigger system vs whatever the old one used.

PSC has the new 29 which has a lot of newer features. Everything is engine mounted: pump, filter, ECM, etc. where Puppy and I had all separate components.
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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
The efi so far has been very nice. First start of the day when the engine is cold it will chug a little if you dont throttle it way up when you start to drive it. If you let it idle a minute to warm up it doesn't do it.
I'm trying to understand what may cause this sluggish feeling for the short time he speaks of, have you felt this any whatsoever in your new engine? I know my efi's always felt like they were pre-warmed the instant they start, never felt the slightest flutter of any type, even at 30°. I've honestly always been astonished at how well they do operate, and in every aspect.
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