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Originally Posted by BeastMowed View Post
I am trying to be as efficient as possible is my reasoning behind the landscape bed. I don't need to pull around 3 ZTR 's all day everyday like I am currently doing. It looks cool and people may think I am some bid commercial outfit, but I'd rather have more money in the bank. I don't want to sell my truck bc I just put a $4000 transmission in it so I'm trying to figure out the MOST fuel efficient way to drag a 61" Turf Tiger around.
Get a smaller trailer, this is a no brainer.

I'm getting 15 mpg average with my 2000 f250 powerstroke pulling a 6x12 open trailer with both a hustler 36" ztr and my 61" cheetah plus trimmers, a walk behind and blowers in the bed.
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