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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
Puppy, what are your idle RPM's? Mine were cranked way high from the factory IIRC. Maybe yours is still set high?

Plus, his is brand new!
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I've always checked my high end, never been concerned with the low end, but I can tell the new engine is higher on the idle end than the old engine was. The old engine would get down and purr like a kitten, so low I honestly thought it to be impossible to engage the blades in idle position without stalling the engine, but she would start them spinning with what seemed to be no effort, or change in sound.

I am going to check mine today for curiosity, but already know they are set several hundred higher than the old engine.

This is the standard below:

Adjustment Procedure

1. Make sure there are no fault codes present in the
ECU memory.

2. Start the engine and allow it to fully warm up
and establish closed looped operation
(approximately 5-10 min.).

3. Place the throttle control in the ‘‘idle/slow’’
position and check the idle speed with a
tachometer. Turn the idle speed screw in or out as
required to obtain 1500 RPM, or the idle speed
specified by the equipment manufacturer.

4. The low idle speed adjustment can affect the high
speed setting. Move the throttle control to the full
throttle position and check the high speed. Adjust
as necessary to 3750 RPM (no load), or the speed
specified by the equipment manufacturer.
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