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1. I give 15 days to pay bill on each statement ( very generous IMO).
2. If it is not received on that 15th day I am sending out a polite letter which is just a reminder they missed their due date and to please contact us if they are having issues.
3. If no contact in 15 more days, I am sending a certified letter announcing I will be proceeding with the county small claims court.

If the customer contacts me saying they have having personal or financial problems I will gladly extend their due dates, but when there is no communication they are just trying to be sneaky. By the time their bill racks up to the hundreds and four months overdue, it is way easier for the client to dispute his invoice.

I don't care if the person owes only $50, they are getting took to claims and I have always won in small claims. I have not always got 100% of what I ask for, but it is definatly worth it , the defendant will be required to reimburse your court fees you have to pay in the beginning.
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