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Originally Posted by FreedomYardServices View Post
Billing mid month might be an option... Especially since most of my bills are due on the 1st. As far as charging a fee.. I like the 5% or 5$ idea. I have also been billing per visit, which I am looking at just converting it over to a flat monthly fee by taking the price per visit x 52 / 12. Therefore the customer knows and can budget for the mowing bill.
26 x $35 = $910

$910 / 12 = $78.83

You mow 13 weeks earn $455.

Customer pays you for three months $234.99 Then drops you at the end of the third month.

Too many LCO's have had problems getting stuck for the $220.01.

Customer says I paid you for the three months that you worked so get lost.
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