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SP its a 84 im asking 28k.
Allday moving is easier sad then done lol but i have definatlly thought about it more then once!
Thanks cornell
Stick pro yes carb enforcement is going to be cracking down across the board on or off road. I do alot of work for some of the major utilitie companys down here in so cal there already required to retrofit 33% of there offroad equipment bobcat,dozer,graders etc with dpfs. Its crazy ! Im sure its coming the private side soon.
Danny boy 400hp it has a power divider but no lockers. With the walking beam suspension it doesnt need lockers. Ive walked by alot of trucks with airbags and full lockers that have been stuck on jobsites she goes right through it excellent dirt truck. Zero electrical issues. Ive done alot of work on this truck to make it bullet proof. It honestly shows close to new condition.
thanks again every one
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