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Originally Posted by BeastMowed View Post
I am trying to be as efficient as possible is my reasoning behind the landscape bed. I don't need to pull around 3 ZTR 's all day everyday like I am currently doing. It looks cool and people may think I am some bid commercial outfit, but I'd rather have more money in the bank. I don't want to sell my truck bc I just put a $4000 transmission in it so I'm trying to figure out the MOST fuel efficient way to drag a 61" Turf Tiger around.

Problem when eliminating a trailer and using just the bed is you lose to much space. When big clean ups are involved you have the bed for debris and the trailer for equipment, or the other way around.

Best way to be efficient is to stop spending a lot of money. Just get a 6x12 single axle trailer. Be selective in what you load on to the trailer. Drive with a light foot.

Also edit to add that get an open trailer. That is a weight savings right there. You want an open truck bed so an open trailer is the way to go.
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