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The hours seem awful low, I'd have to see it first.

One other thing, too...
Never take someone's word for what year that make and model is.
Grab a piece of paper and pen and when you go look at the mower, write down the model and serial number and go look it up.
Seen it happen just recently on Ebay some folks claiming some mower was a 2008 when I knew they stopped making that model in 2005.

To save yourself some time you could write down all the hydro 44" float deck model numbers for that year before going to look at it, believe it's only one or two, maybe three or four of them... And if the numbers don't match up you know the mower you're looking at wasn't made the year they're claiming.

Otherwise you don't know man, you could be buying some 1997 model Hydro that's had a non-working hour meter for the past 14 years...
Like maybe they put 165 hours on it the first year, then the meter stopped working.
Just as well if you have a high hour mower you get a brand new meter, plug it in, turn on the ignition, 165 hours later turn it back off.

Not saying folks can't be trusted, but you need to check and double check everything.
The reason why, is if things add up, you know they're not lying or at the least they seem to know what it is they are selling.
And if things don't add up, I would keep on looking too.

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