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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
You don't need that much water. Ric is right. Boom sprayers apply less water and more chemical. Why not go with about a third of a gallon per thousand--like a Z-spray?

If you insist on 2 gal per thousand--easy choice--go slow--use only 3 nozzles--or get a bigger pump.
Naturally your tank will run out quicker--and you will spend a lot of time driving back to the truck, refilling the tank and mixing new chemicals.
Suit your speed to the situation. Herbicides and insecticides 4 mph. Some odd product that requires four times as much water per thousand--just go 1 mph.
The original poster never said what type of product they we planning to spray. There are a bunch of products I wouldn't consider spraying less than 2 gal /1000.

I have a small tank with a "2.2 GPM" pump on it. With the bypass turned off, I can't get more than 1 GPM out at the nozzle, but I used a skinny hose.
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