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You gotta remember that the plantscience link is from the Pennsylvania State University, they can maybe get away with fertilizing year round, especially in the northern part of that state. In NC you don't want to fertilize fescue until September. If you want 3 Lb.s of N per 1000 sq. ft. annually, you should put 2 1/2 Lb.s of that N down in the fall (always's water fertilizer in). And put a 1/2 Lb. of N down in early spring. Stick with the NCState-Turffile's recommendation's for this state, that's important, growing grass is a regional thing, and the Asheville area is really a even more localized micro-climate that, luckily for you, is ideally suited for growing fescue. I looked at the the monthly average's here -

That is fescue country.

This is your local soil temperature's, plant's and fertilizer's react really strongly to soil temp's.

This is the USDA zone map, you are in zone 6b.

If you have any more question's, just ask. Good luck.
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